Monday, 1 February 2016

Qudditch, Pigs and Role Playing

Hola familia y amigos!  (Hello family and friends!)

Está semana era una semana muy caluroso!  Oops! está en español (This is in Spanish!)  Bueno (good), this week was really hot!  But I can´t complain because who will know how many times I´ll be able to disfrutar (enjoy) a climate like this in Canada.
Today, we had a huge combined zone activity and we played Quidditch!  It was a lot of fun!  A little bit like basketball but you run around with a broom.  There was also a snitch... a pig dressed in a yellow shirt!  The snitch was released near the end of a match and the seekers had to run around and try to tackle it to the ground.  I think they should have greased up the pig... it would have made it a little more difficult! Hahaha! (Note: no pigs were hurt in the playing of Quidditch!)

Our leaders are really pushing that we practice or ¨role play¨ everyday during studies.  It´s really cool to see how the Spirit works during role playing because every time we practice, we end up running into a similar situation later on in the day that we made up in the morning.  One of these instances was Juan Antonio.  Hermana Bentley said we would find a man... kinda jokingly and we went along with the role play.   Later on, we knocked on a door and found Juan Antonio.  We shared the message of the Restoration and he has a sincere desire to pray and to know if it is true. We gave him the nickname ¨Bishop Juan¨ because he was joking around and said ¨Who knows? Maybe one day I´ll be bishop of the chapel.¨ Hahahah!  His comment is going to be very ironic when he gets baptized. ;)

It´s cool to see the change that is taking effect in Neli.  She said the other day she had a panic attack when she realized that she had forgotten to pray.  She said she wants to change her life around and develop good habits so that she can feel closer to Heavenly Father.  

This week is the last week Hermana Bentley and I have together. :(  We have cambios (transfers) on the 9th and I´m pretty sure I´m heading to another zone to wrap up my mission.  I´m so excited to see what will happen and who will be our new companions.  I´ll be sad to leave but I´m willing to go wherever the Lord sends me!

Love y´all lots! 

Hermana Jakob
(Happy Mom's Note:  We think we got the problem with uploading pictures resolved.  Lots of them this week!  :)   :)   :))
Making gnocchi at Hermana Pamela's house.  Yum!

Farewell for future missionary Benjamin

Hermana Arce is making Columbian food!  (Pinto!)

Like a subdivision...  a lot of green houses

Near the end of the day... Look!  Still smiling!  Sharing the gospel and teaching others brings us joy.

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