Monday, 25 January 2016

A Mother's Biggest Wish...

Hola familia y amigos!  (Hello family and friends!)

I feel like this week has been very long but very short at the same time.
Wed -  We went to eat at a Japanese restaurant.  Hermana Lockling (former companion) and Hermana Rowden (friend serving in the same mission from home) accompanied us.  They´re companions right now. The food is pretty authentic.  I´m pretty sure (LOL!) because the family there is from Japan.  It was really cool to hear the waitress talk in perfect Spanish with all the Chilean slang and jargon.  We ate a really good Japanese curry with chicken!

Today we went to Ruizá family house and made pizza Argentina style! The Argentines are known for their Italian food (there´s a lot of Italian influence).  They put eggs on their pizza!  It was a little weird but I can´t complain.  It tasted good!  We made the sauce and crust and baked it in Hermana Ruiz´s industrial oven.
(sample picture)

This week we participated in the first world wide capacitacion (training) for missionaries.  It was the best!  It helped answer all of my questions!  As I´m winding down to the end of my mission, I really want to give it my all and fine tune the skills that I´ve learned. Elder Bednar realizes that our purpose is to create an atmosphere where the Spirit can dwell and invite people to act.  As they act, they will receive their own spiritual experiences.  
This week we found a family of Adventistas (Adventists).  The mom´s name is Viviana and she had a lot of interest to know what the ¨Mormons¨ believe because her aunt and cousin are members of the church and they´re always inviting them to visit church! We shared the Restauracion (Restoration) and that families can be forever. It was magical the way the Espiritu (Spirit) filled the room.  Tears filled her eyes and she asked us to come back to visit with her, her husband and her children.  He has been angry with God since his father passed away and she feels that we can help him find his faith again.  Her biggest wish is that her family can grow closer together and closer to Heavenly Father.  I know that we can find real peace and happiness through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that families can be together forever.  
Really lame (I know!) but the connection with the camera refuses to work.  I´m as annoyed as you guys are!  Three weeks without pics is a long time! I got a new SD card though!  :)

I read this great talk on the Atonement!  I invite you all to read it!

Got to go! 

Love you lots!

Hermana Jakob

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