Monday, 4 January 2016

Going to the Beach!

Hola Familia! (Hello Family!)

Today we´re heading to the beach with a family... so I´m afraid that we don´t have very much time to write today. 
As we begin the New Year, it looks like the leaders of the Church would like us to focus on the basic doctrines of the gospel. I read an amazing talk by Elder Holland about the trinidad (Trinity/Godhead) in the Liahona (Church magazine) this week.  I invite you all to read it! It´s very enlightening and helps us to understand why it is important to know the true nature of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  If we don´t understand the nature of our Heavenly Father, how can we understand our divine nature and our potential?

Love you all lots! 

Hermana Jakob
Mom's note.... Sorry there are no pictures this week.  She is having difficulties uploading pictures because of viruses that constantly erase her SD card from the public computers she writes home from.  Needless to say, she is very frustrated about it. 

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