Monday, 28 December 2015

Learning from Lot's Wife and Lots of Meat

Feliz Navidad! (Merry Christmas!)  Happy New Year!

Well, I just passed my second Christmas in Chile and I must say that we had a blast!

On Christmas Eve, we went to the house of the Ormeño family.  We ate a dinner of BBQ Lamb and potato salad.  They baked us cookies and talked about the different Christmas traditions that some countries have.  Here in Chile they open their presents on Christmas Eve.  They all have BBQs and throw big parties in their backyards. It´s cool that they get to celebrate Christmas in the summer.

On Christmas Day we went over to the house of the Jimenez family.  Hermano Jimenez builds wood burning stoves to cook pizza and bread and any kind of artesian baked goods, really.  The pizza he makes is to die for!  We ate pizza and BBQ goat (a lot of different meats this week, right?) and salad.  We were all about to explode after lunch!  Haha!

Talking to my family was great! It was nice to see your faces, hear your voices and see how you´ve all grown in a year!  It´s strange to think that the next time I´ll be talking to you will be at my homecoming! (How trunkie!)
This week we had a lot of cool things happen.  We prayed to find someone to teach and found a youth named Felipe.  He´s really intelligent and, to my companions delight, speaks English perfectly.  Right away he accepted the challenge to be baptized and has a lot of interest to learn more.  He wants to help his family and his brothers find more happiness. 
Sofía, a 15 year old joven (youth) came to church again with her sister Consuelo!  Yesterday they told us that they love coming to church because they feel like they´re in a family. Sofía told me that she wants to serve a mission! How cools is that?!  We´ll be talking with her mom (she actually gave her as a reference to us) tomorrow.  We´re praying that the Spirit can touch her heart like the way it did her daughter and that she can be baptized with Sofia y Consuelo.  

Yesterday I was thinking of New Years resolutions and what I want to improve, keep doing or change this year.  I was reading a talk by Elder Holland called, ¨Lot´s Wife¨ It´s a really great talk that reminds us of the importance to learn from the past, but not to dwell or yearn for the past, that the best is yet to come.  
I invite you all to read it and meditate on what you can do this year to strengthen your faith in Jesus Chirst and His Atonement.

Love you all!
Hermana Jakob

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