Monday, 7 December 2015

Antibiotics and Happiness

This week we had grand intercambios (big exchange) with all the sisters in our Zone.  And, I got paried up with my old companion Hermana Lockling! It was great to serve with her again and see how we´ve both grown in this short while.  I really love her like a sister. She´d make a great sister in law ¨wink wink.¨ Hahaha!

After the intercambio, (the next day) mi hijita, (daughter = new missionary companion- Hermana Bentley) told me that she wasn´t feeling too well.  Poor thing.  With the change in water and food and everything, she got sick.  We ended up waiting in the hospital all day Saturday to figure out what was wrong.  She´s all good now. She just has an infection and the antibiotics are working quite well.  Besides, while we were waiting in the hospital, she taught me sign language! I´m so stoked to be able to use what I learned with the family.  Well, for now, I´ll at least be able to sign my name, the names of my family members and to pray.  

Hermana Bentley is learning Spanish so fast.  It really amazes me to see the change is such a short time period.  The gift of tongues is real! 

Before the intercambio we had a capacitacion de Hermanas (training for Sisters) with a focus on the Atonement and developing the attributes of Christ.  What really impacted me was a quotation from a talk that asked ¨Who do you want to be?  Have you planned on what you want to become?¨  I had read the talk before,  but I really began to reflect on the changes I´ve gone through in the past year.  I can say that I´m not the same person. I have a different view of life.  Really, I know that the hard times that we go through really shouldn´t get us down because they help us become stronger.  And in the Plan of Happiness, the time that we have here in this life is very short.  Make the most of life. Find joy in the journey. We´re meant to be happy!  :)  

I couldn´t be happier than I am right now.  There is nothing that brings more lasting happiness than the knowledege that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and to live in a way that He wants us to live.  I love the mission!  I love the Lord!  I love the Gospel!  

Les quiero mucho!  (Love you lots!)

Wish I had more time to write!

Hermana Jakob

Some pictures that make me happy... and/or laugh

by the Cautin River

Christmas lights!

Making pancakes/crepes!

Vanessa... she´s a returned missionary.  She is 23 years old (older than me!) not 12!  LOL!

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