Monday, 14 December 2015

Foot Pain and the Story of the Three Trees

Mis queridos (My dear ones),

This week we had a big Christmas activity for the whole mission. It was great to see everyone, especially my ¨Mom¨ or trainer from my first days in the mission.  This was her last cambio (transfer - 6 weeks).  I can´t believe she´s going home.  It feels like yesterday I was in my training and we were walking the streets of Curacautín. 
At activity, we started with a conference.  We had the pleasure to enjoy about 20 minutes of Christmas carols played by a 4 string quartet (What talent we have in the mission!) It was so beautiful!  There were tears in my eyes as I reflected on the birth of Christ... but, there wasn´t a dry eye in the room when Sister Bluth shared a Christmas story called ¨The Tale of the 3 Trees.¨ 

On the bus with my companion.

After we ate a turkey dinner and performed skits that we put together.  Some of them had the whole crowd laughing.  One zone made a video that was taped like a reality TV show or an episode of ¨The Office.¨ I´ll see of I can send the video.

One was of a beautiful story of a family that was baptized on Christmas Day.  They narrated it through a song by Alex Boye. The Elder lip-syncing painted his face black for the part. Hahaha!  

 Dining with all the missionaries

 The Sisters in our zone

I'm not the tallest one!

This week I went to the hospital.  Don´t worry I´m not gravely ill!  I have tendinitis in my foot (yay) and it hurts a lot to walk.  They gave me some meds to help with the pain, to wait it out and see if it gets better hasn´t.  I´ll be going soon to take some x-rays and other exams.  At first I was a little upset because I can´t work as much as I want to but then I remembered that everything happens for a reason and there is obviously something I need to learn from this experience.  Maybe it´ll help us learn how to use our time more effectively.  

This week we had a miracle.  We were contacting with no success so we decided to pray and ask for guidance.  When we finished the prayer, 3 doors later, we found a teen named Sofia. She shared that there were problems in her family.  At times she's felt very alone and wanted to know what was the whole purpose in life.  We shared our testimonies and the Plan of Happiness.  Her eyes were shining the whole time and exclaimed that she wanted us to share with all the family what she had just learned.  We´re going back to visit her and her family tomorrow!  She's a very special girl and we could feel it from the beginning.  

Well, I´m running out of time!  I´ll hope you all are enjoying the Chirstmas season.  I invite you all the share a bit of the love we feel during this time with your neighbours and friends.  Invite them to a church activity, send them a link of a Mormon Message, gift a Book of Mormon or, share your testimony of the Saviour.  These are just some ways you can share the gospel this Christmas season.

Why We Need a Savior

Silent Night feat. Placido Domingo & the Piano Guys

The Prayer feat. David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco

These are just a few of the church's Christmas Mormon Messages this year.  If you want to enjoy more, go to for a more interactive experience or go to Youtube and type in #asaviorisborn to watch more amazing heartfelt videos!

Love you all lots!

Hermana Jakob

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