Monday, 29 February 2016

Seriously... Soda Pop Will Rot Your Teeth!

Familia y amigos!  (Family and friends!)

Today we travelled to Los Angeles.  I had some cavities that I needed to have filled and all the other Hermanas from our house had doctors appointments.  Los Angeles is really cool.  I kind of miss living in a big city. Angol is really pretty but it´s a little more tranquillo (quiet). I´m currently writing as I drool (from the freezing)... LOL!  

We walked up the mountain to look for some less active members and part member families.  We found a family and they have a HUGE garden full of fruit trees. One of the daughters ran into the house and came back with plastic bags and told us to take all the fruit that we wanted!  We brought back fresh peaches, plums, tomatoes, chile peppers, and cabbage.  We'll be eating well this week!  We took a picture with their Grandpa (he´s the pioneer of his family) He´ll be turning 99 years old!  

We had an amazing conference with Elder Bednar this week.  WOW!  He talked about how we need to learn with faith and teach with the Spirit.  Our job is to create an atmosphere where we can invite the Spirit.  We are not the real teachers.  What we say cannot get inside of a person and inspire them to change.  Only the Holy Ghost can bring the message to their hearts.  Elder Bednar has a way to teach that helps open up the hearts of people and get them involved.  He always asks questions that give people the oportunidad de compartir (opportunity to share) their testimonies and listen to the Holy Ghost.  Hermana Stone and I have made it our goal to develop this way of teaching.  It´s the way Jesus taught! :) 

A little wispy on the hair... LOL!

The Bishopric is so cool here!  They got together and made all the missionary lunch for after la obra misional (missionary work) meeting.  They´re always supporting us and giving us suggestions on how we can help our investigators.  There is a lot of unity between the members and the missionaries here that I have never seen before.  I wish that all the wards could work in the same way!  We would see a great increase in success .

We are currently teaching a girl named Christina.  She is very smart and asks deep and profound questions.  She also reminds me a lot of Grace because she loves watching anime and listening to K-Pop.  I guess all the K-pop stuff that Grace introduced to the family to served me for good!  I have something to relate to Christina and her sister! 

Take care this week,

Hermana Jakob <3

I really want to drive it off road!!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!

This week was a bit of a whirlwind!

We changed our house to an apartment in the same block as the bishop's. The problem with old house is that everyone knew where we lived and some tried to enter the house at night. Do not worry! I never felt like we were in any danger, nor Hermana Stone, but at least we are safe and sound in an apartment now. The bishopric of El Mirador and Germany (outlying areas), the leaders of the area and a group of members came to help us move. We had everything in the other house in about an hour and a half. Our neighbors in the apartment next door helped us put together the bunkbeds and carry stuff up the stairs. I would say everyone had a good workout because our apartment is on the fourth floor!  LOL!

The view from our window...

We did a lot of searching for new people to teach this week. It's interesting to look back and see how things have changed. I used to hate to contact people and knocking on doors. Now I love it! It is the only way we can find people who are hoping and praying to find the Gospel and people that Heavenly Father has prepared!

The bishop asked me to give a talk on Sunday. I based it on 2 amazing General Conference talks,"Is It Still Wonderful To You?" and "Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration?"

Sometimes we can fall into a routine and lose the wonder that the Gospel brings us. We become indifferent to the blessings and happiness in living the principles that Jesus taught. Do you feel there is something missing is your life?  Do you feel that maybe church is not working for you?  I invite you to read or watch one of these talk and to think about what you can do to improve your life and fill the empty spaces that you may currently have within your heart.

Love you all lots! <3

Hermana Jakob

Look! It's the Hunger Games! LOL! We found this statue during a service project.

Trying to figure out what this is...

The Santander family came from La Marina for a visit!  <3

Monday, 15 February 2016

A Lot in Common With My New Companion

Wow! Cambios esta semana. (Transfers this week!)

I was a little apprehensive to come to this sector.  I had heard a lot of great things about El Mirador and en verdad (in truth), this is the best ward ever!  It is in every way a missionary´s dream come true!  The obispado (bishopric) has a lot of fire for la obra missional (missionary work) and they really support us in the work. The very first day we had a meeting with the bishopric and they shared the vision that they have here .  Afterwards, the Bishop gave us all ¨New Cambio (transfer)Blessings.¨ It was very inspired because I was planning on asking him to give me a blessing that day.  I really want to focus these last two cambios (transfers) and I felt I needed a bit of fortaleza (strength/fortification) to reach my goal.  I am so thankful for the priesthood and the blessings it brings to our lives! 

My knew companion is Heramana Stone.  She´s from Idaho, and is almost 20 years old.  She´s a trained professional singer (sings classically) and she loves a lot of the things I do (being outdoors, music, swimming, running).  She came to the mission the same time as Hermana Bentley so I´m her first companion after her training.  She´s an awesome missionary and speaks Spanish really well!  I´m excited to see what this cambio (transfer) will bring.  

 Sunday was very interesting.  Hermana Stone and I are they only ones in the ward that play the piano and they asked me right away to play the piano.  Do you know how long it´s been since I played the piano?  More than a year!!!  With a lot of prayers we got by just fine :)  My companion and I were asked last minute by the Bishop to perform a musical number.  We decided on ¨All Creatures of Our God and King."  Even though we have never sang together, it turned out pretty well.  I´m so happy that we can sing in 2 part harmony!  xD

There is a different spirit here in the ward.  We can feel the energy from the leaders and the love they have for the members and missionary work... and it´s contagious.  I hope that every ward can have the vision to share the gospel and help their fellow hermanos y hermanas (brothers and sisters) come back to church.

Little fact... the accent here is very different!  Muy campesino (very peasant).  I have over a year in Chile and there are times when I don´t have a clue what the people are saying, jajaj! With time I´m sure I´ll get used to it!    

This morning, the bishopric and their families made a HUGE breakfast for us.  We ate pancakes, French toast, waffles with homemade blackberry jam, eggs, sandwiches, chocolate milk and orange juice.  We were rolling out of there afterwards!  I don´t think I´ll eat until tomorrow!

Love you all lots! You´re always in my prayers!  

Hermana Jakob

Walking over a suspended bridge in Angol

The view over the river from the bridge

Oops!  There's a slat missing!  It doesn't scare me though.  I'm not afraid of heights.  I was swinging it like Shrek with my comp and she started to yell! Hahaha!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

On the Move - My Last Transfer!

Buenas tardes mis queridos!  (Good afternoon my dear ones!)

So....we had cambios (transfers) this week!  I´ll be leaving my beloved "hija" en Maquehue ("daughter" in Maquehue) and I´ll be leaving for Angol.  It´s pretty cool because for a long time now I´ve been feeling that I was going to serve there.  Hermana Pemberton will be the new companion of Hermana Bentley!  My first companion is now the companion of mi hija (daughter)!  How cool is that!

I´m sad to leave this sector because we´re teaching some really great people and we´ve gained a lot of confidence with the ward.  They´ve grown to be a part of me...a part of my family. The Ormeño family was crying on the phone this morning when we called to tell them the news.  They´re like our parents here.  We´ve been working with their son these past few months, trying to help reactivate him. These past two Sundays he´s attended church! We´ve seen a lot of miracles, Hermana Bentley and I.  However, I can´t wait to see what the new sector will bring! I know there are people waiting for us!  Amo mi Salvador. Amo la obra missional! ( I love my Saviour.  I love missionary work!)

This week Nelly came to church with her grandson.  It was such a spiritual testimony meeting--an answer to my prayers--She said that all the people spoke so softly but all their words pierced her to the heart and that she had never felt so peaceful before.  Then she promptly declared that she was going to attend ¨si o si¨ (like - no matter what) the next Sunday. Nelly really is great.  We can see her changing and see her testimony in Jesus Christ growing.

We´ve really grown close, the other sisters and I in the house.  The other night we had a FHE (family home evening) after planning for the next day and ate Churrascos (Chilean Hamburger)  and ice cream and we made a big blender full of fresh fruit juice.  The fruit here is very abundant and cheap!  You can buy 2 kilos of kiwis or peaches for 2 dollars!

Love you all lots! Until next week!

Hermana Jakob

Monday, 1 February 2016

Qudditch, Pigs and Role Playing

Hola familia y amigos!  (Hello family and friends!)

Está semana era una semana muy caluroso!  Oops! está en español (This is in Spanish!)  Bueno (good), this week was really hot!  But I can´t complain because who will know how many times I´ll be able to disfrutar (enjoy) a climate like this in Canada.
Today, we had a huge combined zone activity and we played Quidditch!  It was a lot of fun!  A little bit like basketball but you run around with a broom.  There was also a snitch... a pig dressed in a yellow shirt!  The snitch was released near the end of a match and the seekers had to run around and try to tackle it to the ground.  I think they should have greased up the pig... it would have made it a little more difficult! Hahaha! (Note: no pigs were hurt in the playing of Quidditch!)

Our leaders are really pushing that we practice or ¨role play¨ everyday during studies.  It´s really cool to see how the Spirit works during role playing because every time we practice, we end up running into a similar situation later on in the day that we made up in the morning.  One of these instances was Juan Antonio.  Hermana Bentley said we would find a man... kinda jokingly and we went along with the role play.   Later on, we knocked on a door and found Juan Antonio.  We shared the message of the Restoration and he has a sincere desire to pray and to know if it is true. We gave him the nickname ¨Bishop Juan¨ because he was joking around and said ¨Who knows? Maybe one day I´ll be bishop of the chapel.¨ Hahahah!  His comment is going to be very ironic when he gets baptized. ;)

It´s cool to see the change that is taking effect in Neli.  She said the other day she had a panic attack when she realized that she had forgotten to pray.  She said she wants to change her life around and develop good habits so that she can feel closer to Heavenly Father.  

This week is the last week Hermana Bentley and I have together. :(  We have cambios (transfers) on the 9th and I´m pretty sure I´m heading to another zone to wrap up my mission.  I´m so excited to see what will happen and who will be our new companions.  I´ll be sad to leave but I´m willing to go wherever the Lord sends me!

Love y´all lots! 

Hermana Jakob
(Happy Mom's Note:  We think we got the problem with uploading pictures resolved.  Lots of them this week!  :)   :)   :))
Making gnocchi at Hermana Pamela's house.  Yum!

Farewell for future missionary Benjamin

Hermana Arce is making Columbian food!  (Pinto!)

Like a subdivision...  a lot of green houses

Near the end of the day... Look!  Still smiling!  Sharing the gospel and teaching others brings us joy.