Monday, 29 February 2016

Seriously... Soda Pop Will Rot Your Teeth!

Familia y amigos!  (Family and friends!)

Today we travelled to Los Angeles.  I had some cavities that I needed to have filled and all the other Hermanas from our house had doctors appointments.  Los Angeles is really cool.  I kind of miss living in a big city. Angol is really pretty but it´s a little more tranquillo (quiet). I´m currently writing as I drool (from the freezing)... LOL!  

We walked up the mountain to look for some less active members and part member families.  We found a family and they have a HUGE garden full of fruit trees. One of the daughters ran into the house and came back with plastic bags and told us to take all the fruit that we wanted!  We brought back fresh peaches, plums, tomatoes, chile peppers, and cabbage.  We'll be eating well this week!  We took a picture with their Grandpa (he´s the pioneer of his family) He´ll be turning 99 years old!  

We had an amazing conference with Elder Bednar this week.  WOW!  He talked about how we need to learn with faith and teach with the Spirit.  Our job is to create an atmosphere where we can invite the Spirit.  We are not the real teachers.  What we say cannot get inside of a person and inspire them to change.  Only the Holy Ghost can bring the message to their hearts.  Elder Bednar has a way to teach that helps open up the hearts of people and get them involved.  He always asks questions that give people the oportunidad de compartir (opportunity to share) their testimonies and listen to the Holy Ghost.  Hermana Stone and I have made it our goal to develop this way of teaching.  It´s the way Jesus taught! :) 

A little wispy on the hair... LOL!

The Bishopric is so cool here!  They got together and made all the missionary lunch for after la obra misional (missionary work) meeting.  They´re always supporting us and giving us suggestions on how we can help our investigators.  There is a lot of unity between the members and the missionaries here that I have never seen before.  I wish that all the wards could work in the same way!  We would see a great increase in success .

We are currently teaching a girl named Christina.  She is very smart and asks deep and profound questions.  She also reminds me a lot of Grace because she loves watching anime and listening to K-Pop.  I guess all the K-pop stuff that Grace introduced to the family to served me for good!  I have something to relate to Christina and her sister! 

Take care this week,

Hermana Jakob <3

I really want to drive it off road!!!

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