Monday, 15 February 2016

A Lot in Common With My New Companion

Wow! Cambios esta semana. (Transfers this week!)

I was a little apprehensive to come to this sector.  I had heard a lot of great things about El Mirador and en verdad (in truth), this is the best ward ever!  It is in every way a missionary´s dream come true!  The obispado (bishopric) has a lot of fire for la obra missional (missionary work) and they really support us in the work. The very first day we had a meeting with the bishopric and they shared the vision that they have here .  Afterwards, the Bishop gave us all ¨New Cambio (transfer)Blessings.¨ It was very inspired because I was planning on asking him to give me a blessing that day.  I really want to focus these last two cambios (transfers) and I felt I needed a bit of fortaleza (strength/fortification) to reach my goal.  I am so thankful for the priesthood and the blessings it brings to our lives! 

My knew companion is Heramana Stone.  She´s from Idaho, and is almost 20 years old.  She´s a trained professional singer (sings classically) and she loves a lot of the things I do (being outdoors, music, swimming, running).  She came to the mission the same time as Hermana Bentley so I´m her first companion after her training.  She´s an awesome missionary and speaks Spanish really well!  I´m excited to see what this cambio (transfer) will bring.  

 Sunday was very interesting.  Hermana Stone and I are they only ones in the ward that play the piano and they asked me right away to play the piano.  Do you know how long it´s been since I played the piano?  More than a year!!!  With a lot of prayers we got by just fine :)  My companion and I were asked last minute by the Bishop to perform a musical number.  We decided on ¨All Creatures of Our God and King."  Even though we have never sang together, it turned out pretty well.  I´m so happy that we can sing in 2 part harmony!  xD

There is a different spirit here in the ward.  We can feel the energy from the leaders and the love they have for the members and missionary work... and it´s contagious.  I hope that every ward can have the vision to share the gospel and help their fellow hermanos y hermanas (brothers and sisters) come back to church.

Little fact... the accent here is very different!  Muy campesino (very peasant).  I have over a year in Chile and there are times when I don´t have a clue what the people are saying, jajaj! With time I´m sure I´ll get used to it!    

This morning, the bishopric and their families made a HUGE breakfast for us.  We ate pancakes, French toast, waffles with homemade blackberry jam, eggs, sandwiches, chocolate milk and orange juice.  We were rolling out of there afterwards!  I don´t think I´ll eat until tomorrow!

Love you all lots! You´re always in my prayers!  

Hermana Jakob

Walking over a suspended bridge in Angol

The view over the river from the bridge

Oops!  There's a slat missing!  It doesn't scare me though.  I'm not afraid of heights.  I was swinging it like Shrek with my comp and she started to yell! Hahaha!

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