Monday, 24 August 2015

Leaving La Marina or is That a Mistake?

So I thought that I would get transfered today.  I already have 3 cambios (transfer periods of 6 weeks. 3x6= 18 weeks in La Marina) in San Pedro and it´s really rare that people stay here for more than 3 unless you´re a Zone leader or Hna Cap (sister trainer).  Surprise!  I get to stay in la Marina with Hermana Lockling!  It´s going to be a great cambio!  We have a lot of plans.  Things we´re going to change, things we´re going to improve on, like how we´re going to work more diligently with the members.  We´re going to see a lot  of miracles!

Speaking of miracles, we saw a miracle yesterday.  Familia Jarpa (The Jarpa family) brought their cousin to church yesterday.  Before I tell this story, I have to say that we have been praying a long time now that Heavenly Father could lead us to someone who has a desire to be baptized.  Anyways, we introduced ourselves to Cristian and he started to share his life story.  In every event of his life, I could see the way the Lord has prepared him in many ways to be where he is today, to hear of the message of the restored gospel.  We invited him to be baptized and he said yes! 

Word of the week: I don´t know if I sent this one but the word is ¨Rascapoto¨ In Chile they have a lot of slang here.  This is a slang word for a slide in the park.  Literally translated, it means ¨Butt scratcher.¨ I laughed for a long time when I heard a kid yell it in the park. 

On to the serious...

We´re studying the life of Jesus Christ, Hermana Lockling and I, and there are so many wonderful teachings in the New Testament.  Jesus taught simply and directly - there was no crossing His words. I´m going to be direct now.

The only perfect human, Jesus Christ, established His church in perfect form.  The church is perfect. The people, not so much.  All of us are on the road to perfection so of course sometimes we´re going to make mistakes, our leaders make mistakes. People are going to offend us. However, the power of Christ's Atonement is always there to help us change and improve; to help us repent of our mistakes, and to help us forgive the people who have done us wrong.  The Saviour paid for their sins and mistakes too. When we don´t forgive, we are rejecting His sacrifice.

Heavenly Father knows you, loves you and knows your potential.  We have the tools we need to become like him. Obedience to the commandments is the only way to bring felicidad duradero (lasting happiness/joy) in this life and the next.  

Jesus te amo! Yo también! (Jesus loves you! So do I/Me too!)

Hermana Jakob

Picture of all the missionaries serving in my zone.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lagunas and Blessings

This week was a lot better than the last!  For one, I wasn´t sick!  YAY!  We also found a family of gold!  They live in the sketchiest part of town but for a long time now I have felt that there was someone there that needed to hear the gospel.  It was the Ortega Ramirez family!  I love them so much even though we just met!  The dad has just started to change his life around.  He stopped using drugs and is completely focused on his family.  His family is the most important thing for him and he wants to be a good example for his hijito (little boy).  Rosa (mom) is looking for God in her life. She can feel that something is missing and wants a good, safe foundation to raise her kid.  The Lord has really prepared them to accept the gospel.  We invited them to attend church and right off the bat, they agreed to come.  Unfortunately, they had a family emergency and couldn´t come this Sunday but we´re going to visit them and see how they´re doing.  

Today, we went to a laguna chico with a member from the San Pedro ward.  She has connections so we got to visit a private park!  It was so beautiful!  It reminded me a lot of Canada with a deep lake surrounded by pine trees. It had a ¨olympic sized pool¨ which was more like a section of the lake closed off by a floating dock.  The cool thing is you don´t have to worry about waves or currents and get to swim in lake water at the same time!    
We took a lot of pictures and our member friend brought her professional camera.  When she send me pics, I´ll send you some more.  

We also has a capacitación de Hermanas (training for Sisters).  We had a big focus on patriarcal blessings. En Verdad (In truth), patriarchal blessings are personal scriptures for our life. It´s like a letter of love that the Heavenly Father has given you personally to help you understand the path back to Him and the plan that He has for you. Just like how we should read the scriptures often, we should read our patriarcal blessings frequently.  

If you continue to live the way you are living, will the blessings in your patriarcal blessing be fufilled? 

I invite you all to read your blessings, to study it and make a list of the gifts, blessings and conditions of those blessings.  I promise that you will come to a greater understanding of your purpose and understand the strengths that you have.  You´ll also come to see the way that Satan attacks us and the lies that he uses to make you feel less than you´re worth.  

Love you all lots! Until next week!

Hermana Jakob

Nice sunsets.

Mediating with our new mission sweat shirts.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tropical Storm!

Hola queridos! (Hello dear ones!)

This week was ummm...interesting to say the least.  I´ve been sick since Wednesday that started out as the stomach flu.  Apparently it´s been going around.  But I continued to have complications for about five days, three of which we had to stay in the house because it was impossible to leave the house in the state that I was in.  I asked for a blessing of health from one of the members and afterwards he said that he felt I needed to go to the hospital.  We went and they medicos (doctors) set me up with some medication to take and I´m doing a lot better now!  Don´t worry!  I´ll be fine. It wasn't fun to lose valuable time to work. I don´t like being stuck in the house all day.  It made me very frustrated but I did have the opportunity to study the New Testament more, together with Jesus the Christ (a book on his life and mission).  

One thing that I noted the most during my studies of the life of Christ is that he does not like hypocrites and chastised the Sauducees and Pharisees many times for not practicing what they preach.  It made me think about my actions, thoughts, words and habits.  Am I practicing what I preach?  Are there things I need to change?  

This week we had a tropical storm!  I have never seen so much rain or wind at the same time.  It was almost a hurricane!  The neighbour´s tin roof was sent flying and it sounded like our was going to follow suit!  Hermana Lockling´s umbrella turned inside out and she was pretty upset about it but bought a new one today.

Last week we also got hoodies stamped with our mission logo and our names.  We´re such nerds!  jajaja!  I can´t wait to pick them up and see how they look!

Matís, our investigator, is doing really well.  We visited him to see if he had read the Book of Mormon and said that he gets a feeling of peace when he reads it.  I invite you all, if you havent already, to develop a habit of reading the Book of Mormon every day.  It will bring into your life a peace and help you come to know Jesus Christ and the plan that God has for you aún más (each one).

Love you all!  Until next time!

Hermana Jakob


Monday, 3 August 2015

Following the Spirit

Hola mis queridos!  (Hello my dear ones!)

Esta semana fue genial (This week was awesome!)!  Matís, our new investigator came to church this Sunday!  He´s a 15 year old youth with a lot of profound questions.  It was cool because we were sharing the story of Joseph Smith and he said ¨Wait! I have the same question!s Why are there so many churches and which out of all the churches is true?¨ I know that a lot of people have doubts and questions like Matís.  A lot of times we´re scared to voice them or feel that no one can answer them but there is one person that can.  That person is Heavenly Father.  He is the source of all truth.  I promise you that if you ask Him your questions, voice your doubts in search for an answer,  He will respond.  Through feelings in our heart, through reading the scriptures and through the words of inspired leaders (profetas, obispos, padres/prophets, bishops, fathers) He speaks to us.

This week was also a big boost of confidence.  We had an intercambio (exchange) with the Hermanas capacitadoras (trainers) and it was my turn to work in their sector.  I shared my struggle that I have with the language here and Hermana Arce was giving me some council as we talked about how the most important thing is that we teach with the Spirit because the Holy Ghost is the real teacher. Luego (then), we were in a lesson with a less active member and her kids.  She was sharing the problems and doubts that she had and I felt inspired to bear my testimony of the First Vision and how I came to receive it. I prayed in my heart that they would understand and I began to speak.  I thought that I talked for about 30 sec-1 min and I saw in their eyes a kindle of light and everything grew still and quite. The Spirit was so strong in the room.

After the lesson, Hermana Arce and I were walking and she said that I had talked in perfect Spanish, without an accent for about 5 minutes straight. El don de lenguas es real (The gift of languages is real!)! I know that Heavenly Father blesses us with these spiritual gifts with the goal to use these gifts help bless others .

Here I have a picture of what we did for an activity.  It´s call (roughly translated) Indian with a tattoo or mark.  It´s lots of fun. You sit in a circle and every person has a number.  You have to call out the number of a person in the circle and the number of marks on their face.  If you mess up, the person gets to draw on your face with a marker (washable I hope).  This is the outcome of our game.

This is a pic of Matís, (another Matis) the son of a member.  He is 5 years old and takes selfies.  He also stole my rubber boots...jajaja!


Love you all!

Hermana Jakob