Monday, 24 August 2015

Leaving La Marina or is That a Mistake?

So I thought that I would get transfered today.  I already have 3 cambios (transfer periods of 6 weeks. 3x6= 18 weeks in La Marina) in San Pedro and it´s really rare that people stay here for more than 3 unless you´re a Zone leader or Hna Cap (sister trainer).  Surprise!  I get to stay in la Marina with Hermana Lockling!  It´s going to be a great cambio!  We have a lot of plans.  Things we´re going to change, things we´re going to improve on, like how we´re going to work more diligently with the members.  We´re going to see a lot  of miracles!

Speaking of miracles, we saw a miracle yesterday.  Familia Jarpa (The Jarpa family) brought their cousin to church yesterday.  Before I tell this story, I have to say that we have been praying a long time now that Heavenly Father could lead us to someone who has a desire to be baptized.  Anyways, we introduced ourselves to Cristian and he started to share his life story.  In every event of his life, I could see the way the Lord has prepared him in many ways to be where he is today, to hear of the message of the restored gospel.  We invited him to be baptized and he said yes! 

Word of the week: I don´t know if I sent this one but the word is ¨Rascapoto¨ In Chile they have a lot of slang here.  This is a slang word for a slide in the park.  Literally translated, it means ¨Butt scratcher.¨ I laughed for a long time when I heard a kid yell it in the park. 

On to the serious...

We´re studying the life of Jesus Christ, Hermana Lockling and I, and there are so many wonderful teachings in the New Testament.  Jesus taught simply and directly - there was no crossing His words. I´m going to be direct now.

The only perfect human, Jesus Christ, established His church in perfect form.  The church is perfect. The people, not so much.  All of us are on the road to perfection so of course sometimes we´re going to make mistakes, our leaders make mistakes. People are going to offend us. However, the power of Christ's Atonement is always there to help us change and improve; to help us repent of our mistakes, and to help us forgive the people who have done us wrong.  The Saviour paid for their sins and mistakes too. When we don´t forgive, we are rejecting His sacrifice.

Heavenly Father knows you, loves you and knows your potential.  We have the tools we need to become like him. Obedience to the commandments is the only way to bring felicidad duradero (lasting happiness/joy) in this life and the next.  

Jesus te amo! Yo también! (Jesus loves you! So do I/Me too!)

Hermana Jakob

Picture of all the missionaries serving in my zone.

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