Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lagunas and Blessings

This week was a lot better than the last!  For one, I wasn´t sick!  YAY!  We also found a family of gold!  They live in the sketchiest part of town but for a long time now I have felt that there was someone there that needed to hear the gospel.  It was the Ortega Ramirez family!  I love them so much even though we just met!  The dad has just started to change his life around.  He stopped using drugs and is completely focused on his family.  His family is the most important thing for him and he wants to be a good example for his hijito (little boy).  Rosa (mom) is looking for God in her life. She can feel that something is missing and wants a good, safe foundation to raise her kid.  The Lord has really prepared them to accept the gospel.  We invited them to attend church and right off the bat, they agreed to come.  Unfortunately, they had a family emergency and couldn´t come this Sunday but we´re going to visit them and see how they´re doing.  

Today, we went to a laguna chico with a member from the San Pedro ward.  She has connections so we got to visit a private park!  It was so beautiful!  It reminded me a lot of Canada with a deep lake surrounded by pine trees. It had a ¨olympic sized pool¨ which was more like a section of the lake closed off by a floating dock.  The cool thing is you don´t have to worry about waves or currents and get to swim in lake water at the same time!    
We took a lot of pictures and our member friend brought her professional camera.  When she send me pics, I´ll send you some more.  

We also has a capacitación de Hermanas (training for Sisters).  We had a big focus on patriarcal blessings. En Verdad (In truth), patriarchal blessings are personal scriptures for our life. It´s like a letter of love that the Heavenly Father has given you personally to help you understand the path back to Him and the plan that He has for you. Just like how we should read the scriptures often, we should read our patriarcal blessings frequently.  

If you continue to live the way you are living, will the blessings in your patriarcal blessing be fufilled? 

I invite you all to read your blessings, to study it and make a list of the gifts, blessings and conditions of those blessings.  I promise that you will come to a greater understanding of your purpose and understand the strengths that you have.  You´ll also come to see the way that Satan attacks us and the lies that he uses to make you feel less than you´re worth.  

Love you all lots! Until next week!

Hermana Jakob

Nice sunsets.

Mediating with our new mission sweat shirts.

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