Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tropical Storm!

Hola queridos! (Hello dear ones!)

This week was ummm...interesting to say the least.  I´ve been sick since Wednesday that started out as the stomach flu.  Apparently it´s been going around.  But I continued to have complications for about five days, three of which we had to stay in the house because it was impossible to leave the house in the state that I was in.  I asked for a blessing of health from one of the members and afterwards he said that he felt I needed to go to the hospital.  We went and they medicos (doctors) set me up with some medication to take and I´m doing a lot better now!  Don´t worry!  I´ll be fine. It wasn't fun to lose valuable time to work. I don´t like being stuck in the house all day.  It made me very frustrated but I did have the opportunity to study the New Testament more, together with Jesus the Christ (a book on his life and mission).  

One thing that I noted the most during my studies of the life of Christ is that he does not like hypocrites and chastised the Sauducees and Pharisees many times for not practicing what they preach.  It made me think about my actions, thoughts, words and habits.  Am I practicing what I preach?  Are there things I need to change?  

This week we had a tropical storm!  I have never seen so much rain or wind at the same time.  It was almost a hurricane!  The neighbour´s tin roof was sent flying and it sounded like our was going to follow suit!  Hermana Lockling´s umbrella turned inside out and she was pretty upset about it but bought a new one today.

Last week we also got hoodies stamped with our mission logo and our names.  We´re such nerds!  jajaja!  I can´t wait to pick them up and see how they look!

Matís, our investigator, is doing really well.  We visited him to see if he had read the Book of Mormon and said that he gets a feeling of peace when he reads it.  I invite you all, if you havent already, to develop a habit of reading the Book of Mormon every day.  It will bring into your life a peace and help you come to know Jesus Christ and the plan that God has for you aún más (each one).

Love you all!  Until next time!

Hermana Jakob


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