Monday, 3 August 2015

Following the Spirit

Hola mis queridos!  (Hello my dear ones!)

Esta semana fue genial (This week was awesome!)!  Matís, our new investigator came to church this Sunday!  He´s a 15 year old youth with a lot of profound questions.  It was cool because we were sharing the story of Joseph Smith and he said ¨Wait! I have the same question!s Why are there so many churches and which out of all the churches is true?¨ I know that a lot of people have doubts and questions like Matís.  A lot of times we´re scared to voice them or feel that no one can answer them but there is one person that can.  That person is Heavenly Father.  He is the source of all truth.  I promise you that if you ask Him your questions, voice your doubts in search for an answer,  He will respond.  Through feelings in our heart, through reading the scriptures and through the words of inspired leaders (profetas, obispos, padres/prophets, bishops, fathers) He speaks to us.

This week was also a big boost of confidence.  We had an intercambio (exchange) with the Hermanas capacitadoras (trainers) and it was my turn to work in their sector.  I shared my struggle that I have with the language here and Hermana Arce was giving me some council as we talked about how the most important thing is that we teach with the Spirit because the Holy Ghost is the real teacher. Luego (then), we were in a lesson with a less active member and her kids.  She was sharing the problems and doubts that she had and I felt inspired to bear my testimony of the First Vision and how I came to receive it. I prayed in my heart that they would understand and I began to speak.  I thought that I talked for about 30 sec-1 min and I saw in their eyes a kindle of light and everything grew still and quite. The Spirit was so strong in the room.

After the lesson, Hermana Arce and I were walking and she said that I had talked in perfect Spanish, without an accent for about 5 minutes straight. El don de lenguas es real (The gift of languages is real!)! I know that Heavenly Father blesses us with these spiritual gifts with the goal to use these gifts help bless others .

Here I have a picture of what we did for an activity.  It´s call (roughly translated) Indian with a tattoo or mark.  It´s lots of fun. You sit in a circle and every person has a number.  You have to call out the number of a person in the circle and the number of marks on their face.  If you mess up, the person gets to draw on your face with a marker (washable I hope).  This is the outcome of our game.

This is a pic of Matís, (another Matis) the son of a member.  He is 5 years old and takes selfies.  He also stole my rubber boots...jajaja!


Love you all!

Hermana Jakob

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