Monday, 27 July 2015

Moving Houses!

This week was a little crazy but we saw a lot of miracles too!

On Thursday, we moved houses.  This one is a lot bigger and a lot nicer for the same price!  Members of the ward here built it with the missionaries in mind.  It has three huge bedrooms.  We all sleep in one room and study in the others.  It also has a wood burning stove, which is a luxury in the mission.  It´s really humid here because we´re so close to the sea and it´s impossible to dry anything without a wood stove (gas stoves do nothing). Our old house was so full of mold that the walls were black!

Unfortunately I don´t have any picutres because something happened to my SD card (again!) and I have to find someone who can save all my picutres. I´ve now learned to valuable lesson to back-up everything on a pen drive. 

This week we decided to pray to find someone who needed help from the Lord.  On Tuesday, we knocked on the door a youth named Matis. Through the window we could see that he was praying on his knees in the living room.  He got up to answer the door and when we introduced ourselves, he let us in and told us that he´s searching for a proposito de la vida (purpose of life).  We shared about the love Heavenly Father has for him and he had a bunch of questions about Mormons.  He´s a really smarth youth and wants to come to church.

I´m running out of time but I promise I´ll give you a lot more updates next week!

Love you all! 

Hermana Jakob
(Mom's Note... *sigh!*  More blackmail photos this week!)
Picture from her mission photo shoot.... innocent trouble!

Winter 2012 - Hermana Jakob and her friend Jess soon to be Sister Baker who will be leaving us in less than a month to serve her 18 month mission in Edmonton, Alberta.  Congratulations Jess!

Cactus Roses in full bloom from the neighbour's garden.  They are gorgeous when they bloom!

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