Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Modismos and a New Companion

We had transfers this week!  I´m with Hermana Lockling.  She´s from Santiago Chile!  Woohoo!  I´m with a Chilena!  I´m working on brushing up my accent.  Sometimes our district leader can´t differenciate between us, jajaja!  She´s also teaching me modismos (jargon) so I can communicate with people a little better.  Here are some of them:
Pato malo:  sitting duck
Ando pato:  I´m broke
embarao: dumb

I´ll send more as I learn more, LOL.  In the end, I´ll be able to talk to all the flaites (gangsters) in our sector!  

This week was a test of our faith.  I´ve learned a lot about the meaning of paciencia y amor (patience and love) over the past 3 months.  My campanion, poor thing... we had the worst ¨Welcome to La Marina¨ ever!  I think every person we contacted yelled at us.  It doesn´t bother me anymore.  I´ve come to understand how the Saviour felt when He was teaching the Pharisees and the Saducees.  They yelled at Him and rejected Him too.  I feel that as representatives of Jesus Christ, we sometimes have to pass through some of the same trials as He did with the end to become more like Him and to develop the love that He has for all of us.  

Despite the difficulties, we met a woman named Elsa.  Her mother was Mormon and she has a lot of interest to learn what her mom believed.  She lives alone without any kids but loves her brothers and sisters a lot.  She´s a really sweet lady.  

This week we have the challenge to teach as much as we can with the members here. It´s going to be a lot of fun to have them help us out!

I invite you all to read ¨Finding Joy in the Journey.¨ It´s a talk that helped me out a lot.

Love you all lots.  Until next week!

Hermana Jakob
My new companion Hermana Lockling


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