Tuesday, 9 February 2016

On the Move - My Last Transfer!

Buenas tardes mis queridos!  (Good afternoon my dear ones!)

So....we had cambios (transfers) this week!  I´ll be leaving my beloved "hija" en Maquehue ("daughter" in Maquehue) and I´ll be leaving for Angol.  It´s pretty cool because for a long time now I´ve been feeling that I was going to serve there.  Hermana Pemberton will be the new companion of Hermana Bentley!  My first companion is now the companion of mi hija (daughter)!  How cool is that!

I´m sad to leave this sector because we´re teaching some really great people and we´ve gained a lot of confidence with the ward.  They´ve grown to be a part of me...a part of my family. The Ormeño family was crying on the phone this morning when we called to tell them the news.  They´re like our parents here.  We´ve been working with their son these past few months, trying to help reactivate him. These past two Sundays he´s attended church! We´ve seen a lot of miracles, Hermana Bentley and I.  However, I can´t wait to see what the new sector will bring! I know there are people waiting for us!  Amo mi Salvador. Amo la obra missional! ( I love my Saviour.  I love missionary work!)

This week Nelly came to church with her grandson.  It was such a spiritual testimony meeting--an answer to my prayers--She said that all the people spoke so softly but all their words pierced her to the heart and that she had never felt so peaceful before.  Then she promptly declared that she was going to attend ¨si o si¨ (like - no matter what) the next Sunday. Nelly really is great.  We can see her changing and see her testimony in Jesus Christ growing.

We´ve really grown close, the other sisters and I in the house.  The other night we had a FHE (family home evening) after planning for the next day and ate Churrascos (Chilean Hamburger)  and ice cream and we made a big blender full of fresh fruit juice.  The fruit here is very abundant and cheap!  You can buy 2 kilos of kiwis or peaches for 2 dollars!

Love you all lots! Until next week!

Hermana Jakob

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