Monday, 8 June 2015

Chile Has Futbol (Soccer) Fever!

Hola Everyone!

This week was pretty good!  It´s was a great time getting to know my new companion, Hermana Martinez.  She´s finishing her mission this transfer  and going home in 6 weeks but she isn´t trunkie at all -for the moment - LOL! ("trunkie" is a word used to describe missionaries who are missing home, family, friends or girlfriends/ boyfriends and are constantly talking about it/them!  It can interfere with their work.) She brings such a great spirit to the lessons we teach.  She´s the kind of person that´s really straight forward but can patch up wounds with love---all in the same moment!  It kinda reminds me of how Elder Holland speaks. The people here in La Marina have more respect and pay better heed when they can feel the Holy Spirit and when people are more bold.

We´ve been teaching a family for the past couple weeks now.  Carlos and his children Cristobal and Ignacio.  This week we were talking about the Atonement and how it can help heal us from past mistakes and experiences.  Carlos shared his experiences with the death of his mother and the anger he had towards God and life in general. After, he said he wanted to start anew and have more peace in his family. He wants to be baptized! I love this family so much!

This month is the "Copa America" (soccer/futball tournament).  We have permision to watch the games with menos activos, conversos recientes or investigadores (less active members, recent converts or investigators) when Chile is playing! Yay!  But I feel that this week we won´t get very much time to work.  If we don´t watch the game, we have to be in our house studying.  With good reason!  No one will open a door or talk to us if there is a football game on with Chile.  It´s a sacred sport here!  Like hockey in Canada during playoffs!  

This week, hay chanch con los hombres! (referring to men who are acting like pigs... when it's over-the-top, they're usually quite drunk)  The things they yell when I walk past!  The other night a man started yelling, ¨You´re more radiant than the sun!  Precious!  Beautiful!  Gorgeous!¨and continued on until we were 3 blocks away.  Someone else has a wolf whistle installed as his horn to his car.   #blondeproblems
This week I read an article in the Feb. 2015 Liahona by Henry B Erying.  It´s about the difference between testimony and conversion.  We can have a testimony but to really be converted, we need to act in accordance to what we know to be true.  He said that to truly experience a change of heart, we need to first, trust in the Lord and put our faith in His Atonement.  But Elder Eyring explains it better than I can.  I invite you all to take a moment and read it!

That´s all the news for this week!  Love you all lots!

Hermana Jakob

Having fun with the fake moustaches my mom sent me.

Making pizza blindfolded.  That was fun!

My old zone with Hermana Alvarado before she left for home in Peru.

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