Monday, 2 March 2015

Cool Dreams, Earthquakes and Volcanoes!

Hola Familia y Amigos (Family and Friends)!

So this week´s been a scorcher!   There´s been solar flares so it´s been super hot here.  As well, this thing called ¨Polche¨ or southern wind has started and it´s so strong that it rips the tin roofing off the houses here.  Apparently it´s a normal thing pero que peligroso! (but how dangerous!) 
We had a pretty awesome week.  My testimony that God has prepared people to hear the gospel has been strengthened.  On Monday, Hermana Rimmasch was inspired to knock on the door of this one house.  A man named Robinson opened the door and at first he seemed hesitant but he let us in to talk to him and his wife, Graciela.  We taught them the first lesson and after inviting them to be baptized, Graciela started to talk about her dreams. I thought, "Öh no! They don´t understand.¨ But she started explaining how she believes Joseph Smith saw Jesus and God the Father because she´s seen Jesus in her dream.  Then she talked about how she believes that Heaven is more than one place but three distinct places.  She had a dream that she was climbing a mountain to Heaven and that each level in Heaven was more beautiful than the last but it took more effort the higher she climbed.  Hermana Rimmasch and I looked at each other with open mouths.  We were so excited to hear this!  We bore our testimonies that what she said was true and talked about the three degrees of Glory in Heaven.  We´ll be going back tomorrow to talk to them some more.  

Our new member, Ramón, is doing so well!  He went to Concepción to visit his family and he shared the gospel with them!  We´re so proud!

Our investigator Viviana quite smoking this week!!! She´s been smoking since she was 12 years old. Super excited!  She knew it was a requirement for baptism.  She said one day, she just decided to stop and hasn´t had a desire to continue since then.  I´m so happy for her!

We had a miracle this week.  An investigator named Juan Carlos came to church.  Now some background story. He´s an Evangelist and was a missionary for his church a couple years ago. The last lesson we had with him was pretty...upsetting.  We´ve really been trying to get him to come to church and feel the different spirit that´s there.  He said he had no desire to go and probably wouldn´t anytime soon.  With heads hanging low, we left.  

Then, a week later, encontramos con el en la calle (we ran into him on the street) and he said that he wanted to come to church!  I don´t know what happened but it wasn´t anything short of a miracle!  

To those who heard...yes we had an earthquake here but it wasn´t that big.  In fact, we didn´t feel a thing!  Apparently people felt a tremor during the night.  There is, however, an volcano erupting in Villarica.  I heard that they were starting to evacuate but it´s just a rumour as far as I know.  Don´t worry, it´s not close to our location.  
(Villarica is about 100 km south-southwest of Curacautin.  Earthquakes are a common occurrence in Chile.  They are usually small and most people don't even notice them!)

Well, that´s all I can think of for this week.  Take care!

Les Amo muchísimo! (Love you lots and lots!)

Hermana Jakob

Cool perspective from the bottom of these stairs.

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you"....notice that this door doesn´t have a´s actually pretty normal around here but the colour of the door reminded me of that picture of the Saviour

.....the picture Hermana Jakob was referring to.....

Perro más feo!(Really ugly dog!)  It has an extra leg! or.. at least it´s tail looks like it!  Poor thing has no other chances in life!

Pizza with Natalia

Nuestro investigador se llama Viviana.  Ella tiene 17 años. (Our investigator's name is Viviana.  She's 17 years old.)

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