Monday, 23 March 2015

Legal Citizen of Chile!


Mis queridos (My dear ones).  Esta semana fue muy ocupada (This week was very busy).  On Wed., we had to travel to Temuco (about 2 hours by bus) to attend a conferencia de Zona (Zone conference) with President Bluth and los asistentes (the assistants).  It was really good!  They talked a lot about faith and how we need to have faith when we contact, teach lessons and pretty much n ieverything we do. Faith is a principle of power.  We act in faith and do the best we can and the Grace of Jesus Christ helps make up for the rest.

I was reading the Liahona (one of the church's monthly magazines) and they have some really good articles in there this month! One that I really like is called "El Poder de la Fe" or "The Power of Faith".  It's a story about a person who was going through a trial.  She prayed every day that God would take her pain away but the dull throb in her head never seemed to waver.  She thought that she wasn't being healed because of a lack of faith.  She continued to study the scriptures and pray to help build her testimony and learned something new.  To remain patient during afflictions. Faith is hope in principios verdadero (true principles) but to have hope that God will take away the trial is not a basic principle.  Heavenly Father understands us, loves us and desires to give us all that is necesary to help us return to His presence.  On ocasion, this includes tests, problems and trials.  If God took away all our trials simply because we ask for it, we would be losing the experiences we need for our salvation.  Heavenly Father loves us and we need to trust in Him.  When we do this, we will receive the support and strength that we need to endure our trials.  
(Want to read the article on "The Power of Faith"?  Check out the link:

We went to the next city over so I can become a legal citizen of Chile!  I felt kinda like a convict! They took my fingerprints and everything! (Part of the process to be able to stay in Chile for 18 months)  After that, Hermana Crandall bought a heating blanket for the winter here.  It gets super cold here at night. 

Thank you for the wonderful Valentines and the packages!  It cheered me up to receive things from Canada and read your words of encouragement!.

OH!  The church is launching a new Easter campaign.  It's called ¨Gracias a Que El Vive.¨ (Because He Lives)  It´s super bonita (beautiful) the video and on April 5 it's supposed to be the only ad on all of Youtube!!!  I encourage you all to help share the knowledge of the amazing gift that Jesus has given us!  
(Check out the link for "Because He Lives" and sign up for updates.  Series of messages begin starting March 28th! Make sure to check it out!) 

Sorry, I don´t have any pictures this week.  Again, the computer erased all of them...grrrr!  I promise I´ll send double next week.  

Les quiero! (Love you all!)

Hermana Jakob

Picture taken in Nauvoo IL before leaving on my mission.... because a blog just needs pictures!  Until next week!

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