Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Last Week Before Transfers

This week was the last week before Cambios! (Transfers!)

There are changes going on!  Hermana Rimmach, my mom, (her first training partner is called "mom") is leaving for Santo Juana acerca de (near) San Pedro.  I´m sad to see her go.
My new comp is coming from San Pedro.  Her name is Hermana Crendall (sp?) and I must admit, I´m a little nervous.  The first time I met her was at 12:30 de la mañana (in the morning) during Return and Report a few weeks back.  We had to sleep over because San Pedro is 5 hours por (by) bus.  The bus ended up getting there super late because there was construction.  Needless to say, the Hermanas weren´t too thrilled that we were knocking on their door that late at night and Hermana Crendall scared me a little.  I know everything will be fine though :)  You always learn a lot from your companions.  
Besides that, things have been kinda slow.  Ramón blessed the sacrament this Sunday!  He´s doing so well! He´s a special convert and loves to read el Libro de Mormon (Book of Mormon) and learn. I don´t think he´ll become inactive any time soon.  

We held an activity with the ward this week and watched" The Testaments."  Everyone was crying at the end.  I get pretty emotional when Jesus heals Helaman´s eyes so he can see him.  I like to think that we, as missionaries, are the hands of the Lord.  We are here to help people heal spiritually, and guide them to the pathway to the Celestial Kingdom.

(Blogger will not directly insert YouTube video link with pretty picture, but if you are interesting watching "The Testaments" video here's the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r5Zwj9e2os  It's an hour long.)
Love you lots!  Sorry it´s short this week!  I´ll give you all updates on the new Cambio next week! 

Hermana Jakob
Family of Maria Christina

All of us with Hermana Udaliah.

This is a photo of one on the members in our ward.  She´s almost deaf and can´t see very well but comes to church none the less because, she´s said ¨there´s nothing more important than the Santa Cena!¨ (sacrament)

Hermana Nelly and her son Roque with a load of sopaipillas!

Hemanos and Hermanas!

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