Monday, 23 February 2015

The Joys of a New Washing Machine and Daily Bread

Hola mi familia y amigos! (hello my family and friends!)

Cómo están ustedes? (How are you all?)  He escuchado que hay mucho nieve allá en Canadá (I have heard that there is much snow there in Canada).  Que divertido! (What fun!) Aquí es muy rico! (Here it is very rich - slang for something like awesome!)  Hace mucho calor! (It's very hot!)

This week we received the best gift ever!  A WASHING MACHINE!!! YAY! Usually the missionaries here have a ¨mumita,¨ a person they pay to do their laundry or to use the washing machine of a member.  We have been carrying our laundry about 20 minutes up-hill to a members house to wash our clothes.  We´re super grateful that Hermana Christina lets us use her washing machine but to have our own is indeed a blessing!

The other night we made tacos with re-fried beans! Yum!  We ate them with rice and avocado.  Black beans are my favourite but they are impossible to find in the stores around here.  I use instead white kidney beans or pinto and they´ve turned out fine. 

The Elders in our area bought a selfie stick.  They´ve been going crazy with picture-taking. I think it would be a worthy investment because, as missionaries, we´re always trying to take pictures with our investigators and a selfie stick is a lot easier then trying to time a camera

On Sunday, I gave my first talk in Spanish!  I had a little bit of fear because I still can´t speak that well but overall, I think it went very well!  I talked about food - but a special kind of food.  We eat daily to keep our bodies healthy and to be able to meet the physical demands of every day life.  But we are more than just a body (Doctrine & Covenants 88:15).  

15 And the spirit and the body are the soul of man.

We need to feed our spirits daily too to withstand the spiritual and emotional demands of each day. It´s like it says in Helaman 5:12.  ¨When the devil sends forth his mighty shall have no power over you to drag you down.¨

How do we feed our spirits and our testimony?  

With the simple daily things the Lord has asked us to do. 
Jesus prayed ¨Give us this day our daily bread.¨ Some times this daily bread is literally bread.  Sometimes it´s the strength to face the day with a chronic disease or the strength to complete all the activities that demand your attention in a day.  Through prayer, God provides strength and the small daily necessities.  As we receive this divine pan (bread) daily, our faith grows, and so does our spiritual strength and our trust in God.

But, Jesus said man cannot live on bread alone.  We can´t solely depend on prayer alone to grow our testimony. God has sent us a buffet for our testimonies.  The scriptures.  We´ve been commanded to ¨feast upon the words of Christ.¨ I know that when we read the scriptures, our souls will be filled with peace and knowledge.  

Is you´re spirit starving? Is your testimony strong?  In this age full of temptations and trials, it is of the utmost importance to remain spiritually strong; to be firm in the rock of our Redeemer. I know when we do the simple things (pray, read and attend church),  we will receive blessings from our Heavenly Father.  It isn´t easy to live the gospel, but it´s easier then anything else.  We will have the strength of the Lord to help us on our way.

Los amo mucho! (Love you lots!)

Hermana Jakob 

Totally awesome Daily Bread Video Series:  Part 1: Pattern 
(so uplifting and worth watching... Elaborates on what I was talking about above.... about 10 mins in total to watch!)

Part 2: Experience

Part 3: Change

... and now for pictures!  Our family history activity with our branch.

YAY!  New washing machine!!!  Can you tell how happy we are!

Goofy picture with los ninos! (kids) ...we like to have a little fun!

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