Monday, 16 February 2015

Semana Curacautin!

This week was Semana Curacautin (Curacautin Week)!

Every night this week there has been a concert literally 15 feet from the front of our house and it was LOUD!  The walls of our apartment were shaking at times!  It was cool though.  We videotaped some of the performances out from our window.  

They played some pretty good stuff!  

Jueves (Thursday) -  a band played some good old rock and roll!  Some of my favourites were "Rollin' on the River", "Born to be Wild" and "Miss You Like Sunday Morning." It's interesting though, to hear the lyrics because they don't really understand the words.  The lyrics are sounded out and learned more phonetically.   

Viernes (Friday) -  a member named German played!  He's 19 years old and performs in a band all over Chile.  He sang some Chilean country songs, which in essence, is the kind of music that Grandpa Archie likes - with upbeat synthesized piano rhythms and such.   That night they had Espanol (Spanish) rap too!

Sabado (Saturday) - they hosted a Rodeo with cowboys! I don't have any pictures unfortunately because we weren't close enough and didn't have time to watch.

This week, I received a clove of garlic as a gift. It may sound funny but this means a lot.  Our investigator Patricia has such a sweet spirit but she and her family struggle a lot financially.  She gave us the only thing that they were able to give to show her appreciation for us. I think it's one of the most heart-felt gifts I've ever received. 
This week, my testimony of fasting has been strengthened.  Monday/ Tuesday as a district, we decided to hold a fast for our progressing investigators, that they would take the next step and feel that the decision to be baptized was correct.

Hermana Rimmasch and I fasted that we would be able to find new investigators that have been prepared by the Lord and that we could teach with the power and authority of the Spirit.  After this fast, we found 2 beautiful new families to teach!  During the lessons, they said that they felt something different when we spoke and that they could feel the genuine love we had for them.  Hermana Rimmasch and I also taught more juntos (together) than we have ever taught.  Through this experience, I know our prayers were answered.  I know that Heavenly Father will give us anything we ask for in faith.  I'm so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I know that it is the real teacher and carries our message to the hearts of others. 

Love you all!!
(Los Quiero)!

Hermana Jakob

Nightly concert...

This picture is a picture of the recipe of Home made Oreo cookies that Hermana Bluth made for us during entrevistas (interviews).

This is how we bake!  In a frying pan!  Chocolate cake!

Mmmm Tacos!  Avacados here are called "Palta".

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