Monday, 4 April 2016

Sunday Evening Miracles With My New "Daughter"

Queridos! (Dear Ones!)

Guess what!  I´m training again!!!  I´m so happy that I get to train on my last transfer!  I secretly wanted to train and end with a Latin companion and Heavenly Father cumplió mis deseos! (fulfilled my desires - gave me my wish)  Hermana Peña is from Santiago.  She´s about 5 feet tall, hahah and is the sweetest girl I know! She comes from a large family of seven (lucky number!) Hermana Peña is the best friend of Hermana Fres (we lived together in the house) and Hermana Fres showed me a photo of her the week before.  Can you imagine my surprise when I was assigned to be her trainer?! xD! She is a professional cueca dancer.  If you´re not sure what the cueca is, look it up of Youtube.


There´s a Hermana in the ward that makes vestido de Huasa (Huasa dress) for the sister missionaries.  She´s going to sew one for me! Yay!  

I loved General Conference!  Why didn´t I pay more attention to conference before my mission?  It really is a time to spiritually recharge.  I love so many of the talks given but I like Elder Holland´s talk at the end.  To remember that we won´t always be able to maintain a spiritual high but we can try our best, and Heavenly Father blesses those who try with all their might to improve.  

The church building.

We had an after-conference miracle.  We met a gentleman, Mario, on the street and scheduled an appointment to visit him Sunday evening.  We passed by his house and there weren´t any lights on so we assumed that he was sleeping.  Right when we were ready to leave, he opened the door and invited us to sit on his front porch.  We learned that he took care of his sick mom for the most part of his life and that she had died about 4 years ago. This caused him mucho tristeza (sadness).  We shared a bit of the Plan of Salvation and extended the invitation to be baptized.  He accepted right away!... And invited himself to church! Heavenly Father really has prepared Mario.  The sad thing is, we realized that his house se queda (stays - is situated) in the Elder´s sector :(  

Bueno, hay sembradores y hay cosechadores. (There are sower and there are reapers - referring to harvesting and the parable of the sowers)

Love you all lots!  

Hermana Jakob

Burros in the street.

An upper view in Angol

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