Monday, 18 April 2016

Interview With a New Mission President

This week was pretty awesome. 

It rained for three days straight.  I use to hate the rain. The mission has taught me to love it.  Everything is so clean and the air is fresh afterwards.

Yup!  I'm still a little goofy and having fun!  :)

We had interviews with our new mission president.  To be honest I was a little nervous because I didn´t have the same confidence with him as I did with President Bluth. However, as we began the interview I could feel the love that he has for us and missionary work. I had a bunch of questions about what I should do these last three weeks.  I was pretty stressed out because everyone was telling me different things and all I wanted to do was focus on the work here.  He told me to pray for the strength to focus my thoughts on el campo misional (the mission field) and start making my plans for my life when I´m on the plane home. I could feel all the stress leave and I can say that I have more energy than I did before!  

Yesterday we had another miracle!  We felt that we should have visited a part-member family.  They´ve been less active for a long time and we were running out of ideas and plans to help them come back.  Their daughter Connie, has had the desire to be baptized for a long time now and when she prays, she always asks that Heavenly Father can help her whole family come back to church and that He can help her be baptized.  She has such a pure spirit.  Anyways, last night we were talking with the grandmother, when Connie and her mom Karen arrived from their trip in the south.  Karen saw us in the living room, walked to the centre of the room and with tears in her eyes said, ¨I want to come back to church!" She said that their vacation was beautiful but she felt that something was missing. When she saw us, she realized what it was. We ran to her and gave her a big hug.  Connie jumped up and started dancing and yelling, ¨I won´t be going to church alone anymore!¨ We were all crying tears of joy. 

I know that Heavenly Father is always aware of us and our needs and desires, even the little children.  He hears each and everyone of our prayers.

This experience also reminded me of the talk from General Conference about spiritual rescue. Never give up!

To all the shy people out there that feel they don´t have the talents or ability to share the gospel.  I invite you to read this article and reflect on how you can overcome fear.

Thanks for everyone that has been writing me and giving me encouragement!  I wish I could write each and everyone personally! 

Love you all lots!  

Hermana Jakob

Oh yeah!  This pizza was to die for!!!  Stone oven baked, home made pizza dough.  Cheese from the farmers... yum!

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