Monday, 11 April 2016

So Why Would I Turn Purple?

Oh my gosh! I just received my itinerary for coming home!!!  That left me a little breathless...

Knocking doors, we found another miracle! Nielson is his name.  He is 40 years old and wants to change his life.  He´s felt that he´s in a standstill and that there´s something missing. We shared a bit of the doctrine of Jesus Christ and taught him how to pray.  After praying he shared with us that he was super agradecido (grateful) that we passed by his house because he could feel a peace that he needed.  We explained that the peace he felt was the Holy Spirit. Nielson invited himself to church and has a lot of interest in the Restuaracion (Restoration). We´ll be visiting him tomorrow with the Bishop!
I know that only through living the evangelio (gospel) we can find true happiness.  Living the Gospel isn´t always easy, but it´s easier than anything else!

This week we helped clean the backyard of a lady that the other sisters are teaching (there are 4 of us Sisters in the ward).  I love that all the people here have a lot of fruit trees and grape vines.  Gabriela gave us a TON of grapes and apricots.  I think I´m going to turn purple like the girl in Willy Wonka from all the grapes we´ve been eating!  jajaja!

We ate at a restaurant this week with a family from the ward.  It´s called El Quincho (it means BBQ shed or smokehouse).  The restaurant is really cool because it´s decorated all rustic like with a bunch of artisan madera (wood) and cosas mapuche (Mapuche made things - the Mapuche are the indigenous people of  south central Chile and south western Argentina) .  The food is to die for!  Aaaaaannd I found a Chilean cook book so we can make lots of delicious food when I get back!  

Love you all lots!  I invite you to go over some of the talks from General Conference! It was awesome!

Hermana Jakob

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