Monday, 7 September 2015

Zone Attack!

Familia y Amigos  (Family and Friends)

This week was full of work. We have a youth que nos acompaña (that accompanies us) to help us contact.  We visited a few of her friends and they are really receptive to the gospel.

On Saturday, we had a Zone Attack!  All the missionaries from San Pedro came to La Marina and we went on splits (where they pair up with other missionaries and other members) with the members to find less active members, share a message and invite them to church.  We saw a lot of miracles! There are a lot of people out there who want to come back but they have a lot of fear.  They need support and encouragement; a friend to help them feel comfortable in the process of returning back to church.  I know it is so critical to do our visiting teaching and home teaching.  I´ve seen the change that happens with the people that you visit.  I know I´m going to change my ways and be a way better member missionary when I get back home!

I was reading an article in one of the Liahonas (church magazine) and came across this quote:
¨Sincere prayer is the heart of a happy and productive life.  Prayer strengthens faith.  Prayer is the preparation for miracles.  Prayer opens the door to eternal happiness.  The Father of us all is personal, ever waiting to hear from us, as any loving father would his children.  To learn to communicate with Him, to learn to pray effectively, requires diligence and dedication and desire on our part.  I wonder sometimes if we are willing to pay the price for an answer from the Lord." -Bishop H. Burke Peterson, 1973

I know that through the power of faith, prayer and work that we can see and llevar a cabo (carry out) these miracles.  

Les Amo mucho!  Hasta le proxima semana!  (Love you lots! Until next week!)

Hermana Jakob

Pictures from our Zone Attack

Photo of el Rio (river) Bio-Bio behind the house of a member

A photo we took during correlación (correlation meeting)

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