Monday, 14 September 2015

Oops! I have an addiction!

This week....I´m not sure what to say. For interesting events...there´s been a lot of preparation for the 18 de septiembre (day of Chilean Independence).  There´s Chilean flags everywhere flying in every house.  We hung up a flag too in front of our house to join in the festivities.  Though we´re not Chilean (my companion is though), we´re Chilean at heart!

We´ve been eating a lot of empanadas.  Oh-my-gosh-they´re-so-good! I think I have an addiction!  It´s like a pizza pocket but waaaay better.  Filled with meat and onions, eggs, merken, and olives.  I could eat about 10 all at once.  
(Merken is a traditional Chilean seasoning created by the indigenous Mapuche people. The local version is made from Goat's Horn chile (aji cacho de cabra), which is mildly spicy and smoky, but not nearly as strong as chipotle chiles are)
On Saturday it was international day of service.  They Soc-soc (short form for Relief Society - the church's organization of women) and nosotros dos (the two of us) went to the chapel to help clean-up the church grounds and building.  After we ate lunch and shared stories. We had a chance to share a bit of the gospel too.  Some people from the street entered the church to see what it was all about.  We gave them a tour and invited them to attend on Sunday.  Needless to say we have new people to teach!  :)
Christian is going to be baptized on the 18 de septiembre before the activity starts.  I´ll be sure to send lots of pictures!  The 18th (Chilean Independence) is bigger than New Year´s or Christmas.

This week I gave a talk about the importance of sanctifying the Sabbath Day.  What a gift it is that Heavenly Father has given us a day to relax from our normal work and focus on the spiritual things. We can increase our knowledge by reading from the countless books on different aspects of the gospel or doing acts of service.  We can spend time with our family, improve the bonds between us and teach the gospel to our children.  I know for me, I´ll always remember Sundays as a day we got together to read the scriptures and share what we learned in church.  After, we played card games or had a ¨jam sessions.¨  Looking back I can see how this time together helped strengthen our family.   
I invite you all to read the talk that Elder Neilson gave during the April conference.

Love you all lots!  

Hermana Jakob
(Mom's Note:  *Sigh!*  No pics again!  Oh well... more blackmail photos!)
Taken at last year's church Labour Day BBQ and mud slide.

Manning the Bouncy Castle at church picnic.

Last September at Dairy Dee-lite in Brantford.  Yum!

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