Monday, 18 May 2015

Cows in the City!

Hola familia y amigos! (Hello family and friends!)

Como están? (How are you all doing?)  I hope you´re all doing well!  It´s finally warming up in Canada, right? The rainy season is starting here and everyone is sick!  Hermana Alvarado was sick all this week and I think I have the flu. I´ve been taking a whole bunch of oregano oil and stuff to avoid the worst of it.   We had to visit the hospital this week.  Hermana Alvarado´s lungs were bothering her a lot.  It was my first time being in a private hospital.  It runs a heck of a lot faster than a public hospital and was super efficient.  We were in and out of there in about an hour.  The last time I was in a hospital, I waited in emergency in Canada for 3 hours with my compañero de travajo (co-worker from Subway) who had kidney stones.  Hermana Alvarado´s ok now.  Turns out she has an allergy to smoke.  It´s kind of a bummer because there is so much smoke from the wood burning stoves here.  It just hangs in the air during the night and looks like fog. 

 Selfie... Hermana Alverado ducked out of the way.  She didn't want to be in the picture.

Cows in the middle of the the city (la Marina). They just wander around foraging for grass.  You can just see the legs of a dog behind the cow.

This week we went to Santa Juana.  It´s a little town on the banks of the River Bio-Bio about an hour bus ride.  It reminds me of Canada with the leaves turning red and yellow and the mountains of pine trees. There isn´t a chapel in Santa Juana, it´s just a house. The baptismal font is a fiber-glass above ground pool that they have to clean and fill every time. 
We worked with the single adults to find verify the addresses of menos activos (less active members) and invite them to ward conference.  Another group of missionaries helped clean up the local hospital gardens and paint the stadium.  

La capilla (the chapel) in Santa Juana.

Driving through Santa Juana.  Doesn't it kind of look like Canada in the fall with the leaves turning?

This week God lead us to a golden family.  The parents, Carlos y Gloria and their 2 sons, Cristobal and Ignacio.  Carlos has lots of curiosity.  He and his family are Evangelical but when we shared the story of Joseph Smith, he said that he feels like there´s something in his life that´s missing and isn´t sure how to fill it.  We invited him to pray to Heavenly Father, like Joseph Smith did, to find out if the restored gospel can help fill the hole in his life. He agreed.  His son Cristobal has a great knowledge of the stories in the Bible.  He is very intelligent and asks a lot of deep questions. 

Love you guys lots!

Hermana Jakob

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