Monday, 11 May 2015

Beach Day!

Fam-Jam y Amigos ( Family and Friends)!

Sorry I´ve been terrible with writing you lately.  My mind is going a mile a minute lately and it´s really hard to concentrate and think between the 2 languages.

On Monday we went to a superstore called ¨Hiper Lider.¨ It´s like a Walmart with 3 stories!  It was so nice to find spices other than ajo! (garlic!)  ...and North American sized peanut butter for a reasonable price!  (Peanut butter here is 8 dollars for 350g).  I also bought some Kraft Dinner for ol' time's sake.  What I really miss the most is Mexican and Thai food.  The cooking here say the least, a little bland.  They cook more for looks so the food looks really colourful and pretty but the taste....meh! But I´m definitely not starving. I´m gaining weight but it ends here!  I´m going to start running in the mornings with my compañera (companion). 
(It literally is Walmart's connection in Chile!)

La Marina is proving to be a lot more difficult than Curacautín.  It´s very hard to find new investigadores (investigators).  We´re talking to everyone but still not seeing any success.  Despite all of this, I know that if we keep pressing forward, work with the Spirit and stay obedient, we´ll start seeing success.  I feel very strongly that we should work with the part member families here.  It was an impression I had the moment I got here.  We´ll see what it brings.

This weekend a joven (youth) named Christopher was baptized!  He´s 14 years old and is an amazing kid.  His mom wanted him to make the decision all on his own so she encouraged him to pray to know if the this was the right path that God wanted him to take. He prayed and received a feeling that he should be baptized.    The baptism was beautiful and a lot of people form the ward came out to support him.  After, Christopher bore his testimony and his face was just a-glow!  It´s wonderful to see the change in people, the light in their eyes that begins to grow as they change their lives and come unto Christ.  


Today we went to the beach for our Zone activity!  It was the BEST zone activity ever!!!  I just love the ocean!  We travelled to Lomas by Bio Rail (electric train)  where the capacitadoras (trainers) live.  Everyone met-up there and we walked to the beach, which is about 20 m from their house.  It was so cool!  The beach here is a black sand beach.  It´s kinda of gritty but really pretty. 
Love, LOVE the beach!

It's so beautiful.  The sky is so clear!

Shoot! I forgot to take a sample to bring back with me!...ah well, the next time.
We played volleyball and had a BBQ with Churi-pan, chicken and steak!  It was funny to see that the latin hermanas (sisters) could BBQ better than the gringo Elders.  Jajaja!  Needless to say, we´re all a little tired from running through the sand all day.  We´re going to sleep well tonight!  

All the Hermanas in our zone....

With my companion Hermana Alverado

Love you all!  Happy Mother´s Day to all the mothers out there! 

Hermana Jakob

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