Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Week 6 - Safe and Sound in Chile!

I made it to el Campo! (loosely meaning -  mission home)

I´m so excited I´m about to burst!  I don´t have much time to write but I want to know I love you all.  In speaking to the Chileans here, I feel like I´m listening to a completely different language but I´m ready to take up the challenge!  My goal is to be completely fluent in 3 months! (the average is usually around 6 months or more)

I love our mission president and the mission home is really cool.  It´s actually located outside of our mission boundaries.  Our mission starts right on the other side of the river in Concepción. 

I know that this is the Lord´s work.  I know that we can do anything with His strength. I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and that through Him, we can return to live with God.

Love you all so much!  

Hermana Jakob 

(Mom's note - We had the opportunity to talk with Hermana Jakob for a bit this morning when she called us from the airport in Santiago while waiting for her connecting flight to Concepcion. She's in amazing spirits and good health and got a little bit choked up when she heard my voice.  She exclaimed, "I'm getting emotional!  I never did this when I talked to dad!"  To which I replied, "That's because I'm your mommy."  I miss her sometimes.  There are little moments sometimes which catch me completely off guard when something reminds me of her and I take a moment to shed a tear or two. Then I remember how blessed I am to have such an amazing daughter and I feel so happy that she has this opportunity to do such awesome things.  I can't wait to hear the stories as she experiences them! I am not sure if this will be the only letter for this week.  She will be travelling tomorrow to her first city/destination to meet up with her new more companion who will train her in her first area.  Here's to hoping and praying she's a great trainer!)

Not sure exactly where the mission home is but from her description it's north of the river and her mission begins south of it.

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