Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Email and Mailing Address

Mom's note.... I've had some questions about whether or not it is alright for people other than family to email Hermana Jakob .  Yes! We strongly encourage you to share news from home and great positive experiences.  Missionaries thrive on news and love from home!

You can email her @ eden.jakob@myldsmail.net

(I'd make this address a link but she doesn't need spammers to pick up on this!)

Please be mindful that the missionaries only have about an hour each week of computer access to email home during which time they need to read all the week's emails and respond to them personally and/or generally. That is why we keep a blog, to help her cut down on the time it takes to write friends and family in the hour that she has.  Usually I hear only the news that's in the blog unless there are some personal matters that she needs us to take care of for her from home.

If you can, please take the opportunity to write the snail mail way.  Missionaries LOVE actual letters and pictures from home.  Letters can come in the mail any day of the week and can be read or reread anytime, anywhere.  Hermana Jakob has mentioned that she LOVES snail mail!  So if you have a moment and feel so inclined, grab a pen and send her your stories and thoughts on paper.  

Keep in mind, good ol' Canada Post will charge you $2.50 to mail that letter under 20 g (that's about 4 or 5 lined pages) and $3.60 over that weight to 50g.  So please be mindful of the charge, especially if you plan to send a picture or two for her photo album.

Her Mission Home Postal Mailing Address is:

           Hermana Eden P. Jakob
           Chile Concepcion South Mission
           Castellon 1063, Oficina Sur

Packages cost an arm and a leg and half a kidney to send!!!  The address for packages is slightly different as it needs to go to the equivalent of a PO box.  If anyone really wanted to send her something despite my warning, then please message me @ juliejakob7@gmail.com and I'll send you that address personally.

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