Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Week 2- The land of OZ

Mi amigos y familia,

Thank you for sending the pictures!  It meant a lot to me.  To be honest I haven't been home sick. I guess I was ready to start this new chapter of my life.  But, when I saw the family pictures, I did start to tear up a little.  I miss being able to talk to you guys every day. 

It's great to hear of all the missionary experiences you've been having Dad!  I'm proud of you!  It can be quite scary to talk to strangers.  I think the CCM is breaking me of that fear though.  (referring to his sharing his beliefs with some people at the gym)

I'm glad you're alive Caleb!  I was biting my nails as I was reading your email!  Angels were truly looking after you guys! (referring to his stuck in snow adventures in Bracebridge)
I'm sorry if I didn't wave to you one last time at the airport.  I - a] didn't hear you and b] was trying really hard not to cry in front of hundreds of people!  Thank you all who came to the airport to say goodbye.  I love you all so much!

Now I'll get to telling you about my week.

Holy Cow! Where has it gone?  My zone leader was right when he said, "The days go by as weeks and the weeks go by as days." We're almost halfway through our duration in the CCM

The CCM (Missionary training center in Mexico)

The living quarters are really nice here.  It's kinda like a gated community.  In each house there are 4 bedrooms that house 4 girls.  We have our own laundry machines and dryers.  One thing I really wish I knew before I came here is that you need to bring dryer sheets!  They don't sell them at the store here.
I feel really safe in the CCM.  The workers here are so nice and there's a 12 foot fence around the whole community.  No one gets in or out unless you go through the front gates.  

Kate, you asked me if we had earthquake safety zones.  It's true.  There are green circles painted onto the ground outside of the buildings.  If they ever sound an alarm, we have to meet at the closest circle.  

The campus store is called La "Tienda"  I thought it meant store in Spanish but while I was reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish, I discovered that it really means "tent." They have a whole wall dedicated to what are called "Chokis." They're kinda like chips-a-hoy but way better.  And the juice here is muy bueno!

The Elders here are so sweet!  My Companion was getting really sick from the food so Elder Wabel, from the other district, gave her a bunch of American food his mom sent him.  I love how everyone looks after each other!  

At sacrament meeting we meet as a zone.  Everyone is required to write a talk on the topic of the week.  Then the branch president can call anyone up at anytime to share their talk.  It's like playing Russian Roulette! Last Sunday, guess who had to give a talk?  Yours truly.  It was one of the most terrifying things I've had to do so far!  I felt like my progression of the language was not as good as it should have been.  I feel like the branch president was inspired though. I really needed that opportunity to boost my confidence.  After the talk, everyone said that I spoke beautiful Spanish.  Apparently, my accent is pretty good.  

Everyone here is so petite and short!  Not just the Latinos but some of the other Sisters too.  Sometimes I feel like Dorothy in Munchkin Land!  Like when I shook our new investigator's hand.  Mine completely engulfed hers! 

I love it here! The weather is beautiful!  The people are friendly and the Spirit is so strong!

Most Spiritual Experience

I think the most spiritual experience I had this week was during the Sunday devotional.  They play devotionals that were given at the Provo MTC.  The one we watched was a Christmas Devotional from about 2 years ago that was given by Elder Bednar.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was the best talk I have EVER heard!  I will admit, last week I was having a hard time.  I was frustrated with myself because I felt like I wasn't improving as well as I should.  I became, I guess, self centered.  

In the talk, Elder Bednar said that we need to stop thinking about ourselves.  His exact words were "get over yourself! This isn't about you." It made me realize that I was thinking too much about myself.  I wanted what I wanted, and I wanted it right away!  I couldn't think like that. I needed to stop.  This mission is not about me or what I want. 
Since this hearing this talk, I've worked to put my wants out of the equation and think only of others.  I feel a lot more free and happy!
Elder Bednar talked about the "Character of Christ" and how we need to develop them.  He said "Your work is more about who you are and what you are rather than what you say." That helped me realize that it doesn't matter if I can't speak the language very well.  My example and how I act is more important.

Favourite Scripture of the Week

Moroni 7:33 - And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me. 

Word of the Week

I've decided to challenge you all to remember a Spanish word a week!  This week's word is hablar, or to speak, because I'm learning to speak Spanish and now you are too! :]

I love you all!  Thank you for you're emails and letters. I'm sorry if I don't respond to all of them.  I'll try my best!


Hermana Jakob

P.S. You can send me snail mail for free while I'm at the CCM via or packages through  You can't send packages any other way the the CCM.

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