Monday, 2 May 2016

Bouncing Baby Boys and Pounds of Apples!

WOW! I Don´t have much time to write today! There are so many things we have to do....

Porontos Granados - Chilean white bean soup with grated corn, mashed pumpkin and onion.

EL Sabado (Saturday) we went to help out a member.  She has a HUGE backyard...about 10 acres and we helped her plant beans for the next harvest.  She is 73 years old and does everything by hand, by herself!  It´s safe to say that I now know how to plant a big garden!  It´s going to be amazing!  She gave us about 8 kilos de manzanas (apples).  We´re happy because we don´t have to buy food this week. :)

Last week was a little hard.  I knew it was a test of our faith because there is always a test before the miracle occurs.  This week we found a lot of beautiful families to teach!  We decided to contact people with pictures of our families, (you guys are famous in Angol!)  and it worked well to help break the ice and show people the blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for us. 

Andrea, Alex and their daughter are a joven (young) family that were very interested when they heard that families can be together forever.  I just love the Plan of Salvation and the esperanza (hope) that it brings into our lives. It helps us to understand the ¨why's?¨ of life and the role of Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

This week a member named Barbara had her baby!  She asked us to be there because she doesn´t really have anyone in her family to support her. We weren't allowed to be in the room when he was born but we went in to greet little Fernando soon after.  

At the hospital

I still don´t believe that it´s all ending this week!  I feel like I still have another month left.  I know that the mission won´t end when I am done.  I´ll still be a missionary at heart even though I don´t have the nametag and official calling.  I love being a missionary!  I love sharing the gospel!  


See you soon!

<3 Hermana Jakob

With Connie... Yup!  We can still be goofy sometimes!

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  1. Ex Sister Jacob... please go online on Facebook 'cause Benjamin wants to see "las fotos de la Hna Jakob & Benjamin" (I don't know if you have any but he asked for you girl)... take care... Love, Marcela