Tuesday, 13 October 2015

LOTS of Walking in Maquehue!

What a change this week!  I´ve gone from the far north of the mission to the south.  I´m good with that though.  I wanted to be in the south for the summer.  It´s so beautiful!"  Reminds me a lot of the North of Canada with all the pine tree forests, mountains and lakes.

I couldn´t be happier here in Maquehue.  There is so much work to do here. We fall into our beds exhausted at night.  It´s funny how you can be so tired and so happy at the same time.  There are many prepared people here, ready to accept and embrace the gospel.
Padre de las Casas is a HUGE sector.  It´s probably the size of Cambridge and we walk all parts of it.  The barrio (ward/congregation) is pretty big too, about 150 people attend regularly.  It´s a little overwhelming when I´ve only been in branches or small barrios before.  I´m really excited to get to know everyone and work with them.  
When I arrived here, I was surprised to find that we had a wedding followed by a baptism planned on Saturday.  I felt bad for Hermana Enriquez because she couldn´t be here to help celebrate with her investigator.   But the Spirit was so strong during his baptism.  I felt that Heavenly Father really prepared José for this moment.

I think the biggest thing I´ve learned this week is that Heavenly Father truly understands the desires of our hearts and if our desires are righteous, when we keep the commandments and ask in prayer, He will give it to us.  What a wonderful Father!  I remind you all to trust in the Lord.  At times things seem bleak but in the end, it will all turn out right.
My scripture of the week is Doctrine and Covenants 6:33
"Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward."
What are some of the things we can to "sow" good works?  What blessings have you received from the decisions you´ve made in the past?  What do you hope to have in the future? What can you do now to reach your goals?  I invited you to read and meditate. :)

Love y´all lots!  

Hermana Jakob
My new companion Hermana Mamani!

With members from San Pedro branch.

Bus trip to zone conference with Elders and Hermanas

With 2 awesome kids, Ezekiel and Jeremy

With Hermana Ivonne and Hermano Raul

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