Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I'm Getting Transferred!!!

I`m leaving La Marina!  They`ve decided to close down the sector for Hermanas and open it back up for the Elders.  It`ll be a little bit of a shock for the members here but all in all, it`ll be a good change.  The people here are more receptive to the Elders (we saw that during the zone attack in our sector). 

Areas where I'll be serving in Temuco below. If you notice in the above map, Temuco is close to my first area of Caracautin.

I`ll be travelling back to the south to serve in Temuco, Maquehue.  Hermana Lockling will be in my Zone too!  It`s cool that we`ll get to see each other every week in district meetings.  My new companion`s name is Hermana. Mamani.  She`s from Bolivia and is super sweet! I met her once in the bus terminal about 4 months ago and we talked for a long time.  I felt the impression that one day we would be companions and here we are!  I`m excited to work hard this cambio (transfer). I´ll go there with a lot of references too. There´s a family here of converts and they have LOTS of family in Padre de las Casas. How beautiful will it be to teach their brothers and sisters?!

How amazing was the General Conference!? I am so thankful that I could watch it in English to help get the full grasp of the messages.  President Uchtdorf (I just love him) gave amazing talks.
He actually answered a lot of my prayers and questions.  I wanted to know how I could help our investigators feel more joy in their lives and how I could improve as a missionary and as a person. 
Many of the Apostles and Seventies talked about how to find happiness and how to improve and spiritual strength.  I love the talk about how we should pray and asked ¨What lack I?  What should I improve?¨ I decided to take the challenge and when I prayed, I felt that I need to express my love for others more.  So, I´m going to make it my goal to be more expressive in my words and in my actions.  I also decided to take up the challenge to "ponderize" (A combination of ponder and memorize) scriptures every week for the rest of my mission.  I´ll be sharing with you my scripture every week and invite you all to join in, choose a scripture to ponder and memorize and share it with others.  Like Elder Durrant said, it will help uplift our thoughts and give us a greater knowledge of the gospel.

I know that God speaks through his servants. I know that they guide us for good and give us a vision of what we can become and the actions we need to take to reach our full potential and fullness of happiness. I´m so thankful for the love that Heavenly Father has for us.
Les amo mucho (I love you lots).  I invite you to take up the challenges that were extended during this conference and to study the talks that were given.  I promise that you will receive the spiritual security and happiness that the Apostles and the Prophet have promised us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Hermana Jakob

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