Monday, 20 April 2015

I'm Getting Transfered!

Hola familia y amigos! (Hello family and friends!)

Perdón que no escribí la semana pasada. (Sorry that I did not write last week.) No tuve mucho tiempo. (I didn't have much time.)
This week was really busy!  We had a conferencia (conference) en Los Ángeles on Saturday because Elder Oaks came to talk to the missionaries of Chile!  He was in Santiago and we watched it over transmission.  It was really cool because we could see some the congregations of other missionaries from Orsono, Concepción and Antofagasta.  Elder Oaks talked a lot about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and how as missionaries, we need to teach people from the basics.  The people here have a religious background but we can´t assume that they know how to pray or know the true nature of the Atonement.

Today we received out cambios! (transfers!)  I´m leaving for San Pedro, Los Marinas!!!  It´s going to be quite the change!  I´m in a little, quite town right now and San Pedro is a bustling metropolis with micros y colectivos (types of buses) and lots of people! From what Hermana Crandall told me, Los Marinas are a little bit getto but I like the run-down houses màs que los ricos (better than the rich ones).  I´m excited for the change but at the same time sad because we were finally getting plans in order with the branch.  Nevertheless, I´ll accept the will of God and trust that He knows best.  My future compañera se llama (companion's name is) Hermana Alverado and I think she´s from Peru.  I hope she can teach me how to cook a few recipes from Peru!

Next week I´ll send you updates on the new area!

Love ya´ll
Hermana Jakob
The San Pedro area is just south of Concepcion on the ocean.

Yum!  Pizza with corn!

The cool Artesanía atras la calle de nuestra casa (artisans the street behind our house).  I love all the rustic stuff there!

A necklace pendant made from an Araucaria tree.  

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