Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Goals, Cat-calling and All Things Peru!

Hola familia y amigos! Hello family and friends!)

This week was a big change!  I was transfered from Curacautín to San Pedro in a sector called the Marinas.  It´s very different from the sleepy little counrty town I just came from.  There´s a lot more hustle and bustle.  Also, it´s probably the most flaite (gangster) town where the Hermanas are allowed to work.  We´re a lot closer the the mission office too which means that we don´t have to wait a month to receive our letters for a month after they arrive! (Yay!)  The people here are a lot more joven (younger) too. 

My new companion, Hermana Alverado, is from Peru.  She´s helping me with my Spanish which I´m super stoked about because I want to speak with a Peruvian accent!  We´ll see if I can reach this goal.  She´s also going to teach me how to cook food from her country!!!  She gets a big kick out of all the cat-calling that goes on when we`re walking down the street.  ¨Gringa linda. (cute Gringa -"Gringa" is a word they use to describe foreigners), Gringa rica (rich Gringa),  Yo quiero casarme contigo. (I want to marry you) "RUBIA VEN AQUI!¨ (Blondie, come over here!)

I´m really excited to work with the barrio (neighbourhood) here.  We had a meeting with the bishop and the ward mission leader the first day I got here.  The bishop gave me a talk within the first five minutes of that meeting! The topic: How to make goals.  I think it was inspired because even though I´ve been out in the mission field for 5 months, I don´t like to work with numbers.  I've learned that   todavía (yet/although) I´m not very confident with the Spanish, the talk went pretty well... I think.  I don´t know if they understood it all, but hey, I figured that if I try my best, God will help me with the rest.  

So I don´t have any photos... again (Sorry!)  Something happened to my SD card and it erased all of what I had from this week.  I´ll take lots of selfies with my compañera (companion), with the members and the city around us this coming week.    

I found this quote in PME (Preach My Gospel - missionary manual used to study and teach from) that I´d like to share.  
President David O McKay 1958:
"El verdadero cristianismo es el amor en acción.  No existe mejor manera de manifestar el amor a Dios que demostrar in amor desinteresado por nuestras semejantes.  Ése es el espíritu de la obra misional."
(TRANSLATION - “True Christianity is love in action. There is no better way to manifest love for God than to show an unselfish love for your fellow men. This is the spirit of missionary work”) 

There is a lot of council from the Presidents of the church about being a member missionary.  We promised at baptism to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and follow in His example.  This includes sharing the gospel with the people around us. One of my metas (goals) when I get back is to be a better ward missionary. I feel bad for not putting in a better effort before, because now I know how important it is to have members involved in missionary work.  There is 100X more success in lessons when there is a member present.

Que tegan una buena semana! (Have a great week!)

Les quiero!  (Love you lots!)

Hermana Jakob
(Mom's Note:  No pictures from Hermana Jakob means mom raids from at-home stock!  A blog NEEDS pictures...she's been warned!  :D ....this was taken last summer at a family reunion. Grace did the face paint.  Figured this went well with the "cat-calling". LOL!)

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