Monday, 12 January 2015


Hola mi familia!

So...I´ve been in Chile for almost a month!  How crazy is that? Where has the time gone?  It honestly feels like time has flown by!

I have amazing news!  RAMÓN IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!  We are super excited!  When I got here, my compañera (companion) was thinking about no longer teaching him.  He wasn´t progressing and avoided a lot of appointments but I felt really strongly to teach him about the Plan of Salvation.  It´s just fantastical looking back at how some of our  investigators have grown spiritually and realizing that finding them was a miracle.

 I ADORE Viviana.  She´s the 17 yr old I talked about the other week.  She is a jem.  She asked if we could study chapters of the Book of Mormon that she´s read to help her understand. We read 1 Nephi 2 and analyzed the family of Lehi.   In order to understand something spiritual, we need to ask the source of all spritual knowledge--Our Heavenly Father--through prayer. Even the son of a prophet had to gain a testimony for himself by asking. 

We ran into some Jehovah Witness missionaries in Victoria when we were walking to our District Meeting.  They were super nice and had an Acer tablet! They shared a video with us right there in the street.  It was pretty cool.  We in turn shared about the plan of Salvation and gave them a pamphlet.  The one girl had great interest in the Book of Mormon so we gave her one of those with our phone number in it and planned to meet with them a week later. We´ll see what tomorrow brings! I´m super excited!  

This week, I woke up in the middle of the night to find a mouse scurrying down my bed!  EEK!  We decided to give the apartment a good clean-out today. It´s pretty much impossible to buy mouse traps here.  They just poison the little vermin.  So we bought some of that too.  Fingers crossed that helps.  It make sense that we´d have mice though.  Our neighbours sell animal food and right below us is a grainery!  

This week we read an amazing talk called ``The Fourth Missionary´´ by Lawrence E Corbridge.  This guy is amazing!  It talks about the different kinds of missionaries there are.  In reality, the only difference is thier attitude. It really changed my view on life as a whole.  I encourage you to read it. I think it not only applies to missionaries, but to members and everyone else.  Your attitude can help you get the most out of life.

(Link to the talk mentioned above in case you're interested.  Could be applied as a metaphor for life.)

BTW -  I don't know if I´ll be able to email you next week.  We´re having a mission wide activity on Monday about a 2 hour bus ride away.  By the time we get back, the Cyber (where they email home from) will probably be closed.  We might be able to email a different day but I´m not sure.  

I promise I´ll send picture from the baptism!


Hermana Jakob

Panoramic view towards the mountains
Sorry.... there was one more picture but it failed half way through the upload to home!

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